Center for Border Economic Development


The Center for Border Economic Development (C-BED) is in a unique position to marshal resources from across New Mexico State University (NMSU) to promote business expansion and economic development in communities along the U.S.-Mexico border. An important collaborator in our efforts is Arrowhead Center. Our mission and that of Arrowhead complement each other and this has resulted in a productive partnership.
C-BED seeks to complement existing development efforts along the border by working closely with businesses, governments, NGOs, and other border stakeholders to identify impediments to economic development and to propose solutions to overcome those impediments. Many of the studies conducted since C-BED's founding in 2021 involve economic impact and infrastructure projects including a study for the Border Task Force on the Paso del Norte Region, and an economic impact study of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry and Santa Teresa industrial parks.


Can the U.S. Curb Chinese Production of EVs in Mexico?


Mexico is holding back on some incentives to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers under pressure from the United States, which is concerned about Chinese automakers seeking to avoid U.S. tariffs by producing cheap electric vehicles in Mexico for the U.S. market, Reuters reported in mid-April. How significant is investment from Chinese electric vehicle makers in Mexico? How likely is Mexico to ramp-up incentives for Chinese automakers to invest in Mexico? How can Mexico continue to attract foreign investment from China while maintaining good relations with the United States?

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Tipping Point NM episode 605: NMSU Professor Christopher Erickson – New Mexico Economic Policy and Impacts of Immigration                                

On this week’s interview Paul talks to Christopher Erickson a professor of economics at NMSU. Chris and Paul discuss a recent interview he gave to Newsweek about a report that New Mexico has seen a decline in immigrants. They discuss economic issues in New Mexico and what is holding its back. Then, the discussion shifts to immigration policy. Where are people coming from who are crossing the border? Why are they crossing? What would a sensible immigration policy be? You don’t want to miss this informative conversation!                          

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